The Glass Forest (2020 April Book Recommendation)

My husband bought this book for me as a Christmas present (my Christmas presents composed heavily of books, as requested by me). He doesn’t read fiction, so how he came across The Glass Forest by Cynthia Swanson had to be quite random. It is always a pleasant surpise when you stumble into a great read through total randomness. It’s like discovering hidden gems in ordindary life. The book is so good that I’m now going to purchase the author’s other books.

Why do I love the book?


The book is an intriguing historical suspense. The storytelling is quite skilled. As the author gradually unveils the truth, “the past” and “the present” start to interwine at roughly the midpoint of the book, leading up to the shocking reveals.


Exquisitely rendered characters. The characters build as the meticulously plotted story develops. When you look back, what the characters said or did make even more sense in retrospect. You feel that you understand these people deeper and deeper.


Atomspheric, emotional, honest and literary.

Absolutely an unforgetable read. I highly recommend the book.

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