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Likeonomics (2019 March Book Recommendation)

Everyone wants to be liked, right?  Of course, we all do whether we admit it or not.  We all know that it’s the most liked people who get invited to the social events, who have the most choice in dating partners and who seem to get all the advancement opportunities at work.  Unfortunately, the “traits” behind being likeable are not evenly distributed across the population; some have abundance, others are left wanting. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a formula to help us all level the playing field and better position ourselves in the eyes of others?  I’ve stumbled across just such a book, which attempts to distill likeability into a few succinct principles and practices. The book Likeonomics: The Unexpected Truth Behind Earning Trust, Influencing Behavior, and Inspiring Action by Rohit Bhargava is filled with helpful examples and psychologically sound advice on how to improve how you are viewed by others, and thus improve your life. I highly recommend this book. Read. Dream. Achieve.

The Wife Between Us (2019 March Book Recommendation)

Seven years ago, Gone Girl started a trend. Since then, I’ve bought and read many psychological thrillers; which is an enjoyable genre for me. However, once I had read “enough”, these books all started to look similar (some conspiring individual with a dark past, which would be uncovered toward the end of the story). Among all of the psychological thrillers I’ve read, The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen stands out: it not only has a page-turning plot that’s typical of a thriller, but also has a cleverly designed structure intertwined seamlessly with the plot. This makes the “twist” of the story unique and engaging. I also enjoyed its storytelling – vivid, precise, and classy; it helped create the mood of the narrative. I highly recommend this book. Read. Dream. Achieve.